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You want to get into gaming, but deeper than you’ve gone before. You already know the rush of getting behind a console, but you are also starting to feel that actually having your hands and mind inside the game would take the experience—and your life—to another level. Gaming may already be your life, but you are wondering if you can actually make it your livelihood, as well. You wonder if you can be a part of its future and you wonder what you need to know in order to make it happen. read more »

Parsons - The New School for Design

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You know that a game isn't just about pretty graphics. It's about keeping people locked in. The controls have to make sense, and aesthetics have a lot to deal with it. Wouldn't it be great to have a school that concentrated on that sort of thing? read more »

Vancouver Film School

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If you're interested in getting all the solid skills you need fast, check out Vancouver Film School. Don't let the name fool you, their Game Design Degree is an impressive feat, getting you a diploma in as little as a year. The schedules are hectic, intense, and with classes running all day long. Full-immersion is the name of their game, and at the end, you'll be able to hold your own when it comes to storytelling, sound design, animation, and film. read more »

Savannah College of Art and Design

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Great games are works of art. This we can agree on. And if it's art you want to create, Savannah is a great place to learn the ropes. Named "Hottest for Studying Art" by Kaplan out of the 25 Hottest Colleges, the school has taken it's tradition of specializing in individualized instruction to the world of Games and now offers three different degrees in Interactive Design and Game Development. read more »

DigiPen Institute of Technology

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Right on Microsoft’s front porch in Redmond, WA, Digipen has an inside track to some of the most respected software and technology-based companies in the world. And they don’t take their position lightly. Digipen prides itself on having one of the most rigorous programs for 3D Animation and related subjects you’ll find anywhere. read more »

The Guildhall at SMU

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An entire school within an esteemed university dedicated to digital game development. But make no mistake. This ain’t for anyone coming off the street. At Guildhall, you’re expected to know most of your stuff—especially C++dsd—before you set foot on the quad. High schoolers better “have game” to get in here. read more »

Full Sail: Real World Education

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You’re chomping at the bit. You wanna run and gun, learn your stuff, and get out in the world. With an accelerated program that could give you a fully accredited B.S. in 21 months, Full Sail might be your place. Even better, you can start virtually any month—no waiting until next September rolls around. read more »

University of Advancing Technology

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Formed by tech-geeks for tech-geeks, UAT is serious about its geekiness—and proud of it, too. With average SAT scores nearing 1300/1600, UAT's student body would likely be able to “hack it” at any of the top colleges in the country, yet they come here to dig into one of the top programs for for digital arts and sciences you can find. The rigorous curriculum is a given; the cushy lifestyle is an added bonus. read more »

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